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Moving Checklist

When you are moving, there are plenty of things that can be done to help make the move go smoother.

6 Weeks Before Moving Day

  • Start a file for moving related expenses, and get ‘Tax Information on Moving Expenses’

  • Separate all items that you won’t be moving and plan a garage sale or phone your favorite charity to make a donation

  • Prepare an inventory list of items you will be moving

  • Determine ‘replacement value’ for insurance purposes

  • Start Packing. Packing always takes longer than expected

  • While packing, put valuables in a safety deposit box or in a place for safe keeping

  • Clarify payment details with your movers and verify which expenses your company will pay

3 to 4 Weeks Before Moving Day

  • Notify the post office that you are moving

  • Notify subscriptions, memberships and credit card companies of your change in address

  • Contact utility companies, phone, heat, water, cable and make arrangements for deposit refunds and shut-off dates

  • Make arrangements for any medical, dental and veterinary records to be transferred

  • Notify your children’s school and make arrangement for records

  • Collect any necessary legal records

  • Return things that you borrowed and collect items you loaned out

  • Movers typically don’t move plants; therefore, make special arrangements for your plants

  • Plan your meals and use up food in the freezer and pantry

2 Weeks Before Moving Day

  • Contact your accountant regarding transferring your funds and don’t forget RRSPs and brokerage accounts

  • Open bank accounts in your new town and arrange the transfer of your funds

  • Verify your moving estimate

  • Dispose of any combustibles and drain all power tools of fuel and oil

  • Pack a personal bag of what you will need in transit

  • In a special box, pack items you will need immediately after you move and mark the box ‘DO NOT MOVE’

  • Pack a small tool box for last minute tasks

  • If your home has sold, cancel all newspapers and services such as lawn or pool care

  • Clean area rugs and clothing

  • Pack a briefcase with all important documents you may need

1 Week Before Moving Day

  • Prepare appliances for moving. Defrost freezer and clean refrigerator

  • Service your automobiles

  • Set aside instruction manuals on the home for new owners

  • Pick up any dry cleaning or anything that is out for repair or service

1 Day Before Moving Day

  • Remove all valuables from your safety deposit box

  • Check on utility service at new address and arrange to have them on when you arrive

  • Ship or give away all perishable and frozen foods

  • Mark the boxes you need as soon as possible with ‘OPEN FIRST’

  • Leave mirrors and pictures on walls for movers to pack

Moving Day

  • Stay at your home until the movers have left

  • Take a final tour of the home/yard to make sure you have not forgotten anything

  • Carefully review the inventory sheet and bill of lading before you sign it

  • Confirm your drivers’ delivery address and date

  • Inform your neighbors that the house is empty

  • Lock all doors and windows

  • Leave your keys and garage door openers with the new owners or your REALTOR™

Upon Arrival of Your New Home

  • Examine your furniture and possessions as they are unloaded. Open all boxes and make a note of any damage

  • For gas service, check pilot light on stove, hot water heater and furnace

  • Have your locks re-keyed

  • Locate your local post office and pick up any mail being held for you

  • Notify people of your new address

  • Contact your Motor Vehicle Branch for a change of address on your driver’s licence

  • Register your vehicles

  • Register your children into school

  • Collect emergency phone numbers and address of your nearest hospital

  • Transfer your insurance to a local agent

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